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Short BIO
I received the BsC on Mathematics from the University of Oviedo in 2009, where I also got my MsC degree and the PhD degree on Mathematics and Statistics in May 2014. After finishing my PhD, I spent  some months at the HEUSIASYC Research Unit of the Technologic University of Compiegne as a postdoctoral researcher. After this short stay in France, I came back to the University of Oviedo as a Substitute Professor. Then, I have been a Assistant Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Oviedo.

  1. SIPTA (online) School: in January 26th and 27th, I will teach the seminar Introduction to imprecise probabilities. More information can be found in the school website.
  3. ISIPTA 2021 will be held in Granada (Spain), 6-9 July. You can find here more information, and here the call for papers.

Ignacio MONTES