Ignacio MONTES

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I received the BsC on Mathematics from the University of Oviedo in 2009, where I also got my MsC degree and the PhD degree on Mathematics and Statistics in May 2014. After finishing my PhD, I spent some months at the HEUSIASYC Research Unit of the Technologic University of Compiegne as a postdoctoral researcher. After this short stay in France, I came back to the University of Oviedo as a Substitute Professor. Then, I have been a Assistant Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Oviedo.


Special Session at 6CJI (6/12/2022)
I am organising a special session on Probability Theory at the VI Conference of young researcher of the RSME society. Nine papers have been accepted for presentation. A summary of the session can be found here.
New published paper (21/11/2022)
I am happy to announce that the paper Centroids of the core of exact capacities: a comparative study has been accepted for publication in Annals of Operations Research.

In this paper, done in collaboration with Enrique Miranda, we explore four centroids of credal sets (or game solutions of the core of a coalitional game): the Shapley value, the average of the extreme points, the incenter with respect to the total variation distance and the contraction centroid. We analyse these four centroids, their connection and their axiomatic properties. We also dig into the notion of centrality measure of a probability with respect to a credal set and we propose some centroid-based centrality measures. here.

SIPTA Seminar (21/10/2022)

In October 21, I had the opportunity to participate in SIPTA seminars as speaker. The title of the seminar was Coalitional game theory vs Imprecise probabilities: Two sides of the same coin ... or not?, and the aim was to investigate the extend of the connection between both coalitional games and imprecise probability models. More information about the seminar, including the abstract and the slides, can be found here.