Schedule and presentations

The following topics will be discussed during the workshop (the list will be regularly updated):

  1. Computation and applications, led by Matthias Troffaes (Durham University, United Kingdom).
  2. Learning, led by Sébastien Destercke (University of Compiègne, France) and Cassio de Campos (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands).
  3. Decision and choice, led by Gert de Cooman (Ghent University, Belgium).
  4. Reliability, led by Frank Coolen and Daniel Krpelik (Durham University, United Kingdom).

As usual, one of the goals of WPMSIIP is to estimulate discussion and scientific collaboration. Thus, there will be no strict constraints on the format and lenght of the presentations, and questions and discussion will be encouraged. If you want to give a presentation on one of the topics listed above, or lead a different topic, please contact us and/or the corresponding topic leader.

Material about the presentations will be given here after the workshop.

Information about the schedule will be provided in July, 2018.